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Manningham Harmony Day Celebration 
Wednesday 22 March 2017, 7pm-9pm

Manningham Function Centre, 699 Doncaster Road, Doncaster

Harmony Day is a day to celebrate Australia's diversity. You are invited to an evening of celebration presented by the Manningham Interfdaith Network, local schools and local Sikh, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Baha'i communities, and supported by the Manningham Council and the Victorian Multicultural Commission.

For more information or to RSVP please call Dot Haynes on 0425 718 937 or email .

All Welcome!

Fun & Faiths Bus Tour Invitation

Sunday 20th November 2016 at 12:30pm

Pick up from Manningham Civil Office 699 Doncaster Rd. Doncaster. (Returns 4:30pm)

Final 2016 Bus Tour

Join us as we tour three faith Centres of Manningham.

Bookings Essential 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0425 718 937 or 9848 1710

This is a free event. Seats Limited! Refreshments and showbags will be provided!

Historical Faiths Bus Tour Invitation

Sunday 31st July 2016 at 12.30pm

Pick up from Manningham Civil Office

699 Doncaster Rd. Doncaster. (Returns 4.30pm)

Join us as we tour Historically Significant Sites Including Schramms Cottage and discover more about the rich Faith history of Manningham. Warm afternoon tea provided.  This is a Free Event. Seats Limited. Bookings Essential               Email: [email protected] or MIN. T: 0425 718 937, 9848 1710 Refreshments Showbags

  • UN Peace Torch in Manningham, September 2016

World Peace Day. The International Day of Peace, is officially observed annually on September 21.   In 2016 local Schools will have the opportunity to participate in this exciting event in Manningham !

The Peace Run and Song are an important part of the event and the song  may be heard via the player below (or downloaded via the link HERE). For those participating the words of the song need to be learned, and the words and music may be downloaded HERE.          For further Information contact  Dot Haynes on 0425 718 937 or email HERE.

Reports / Other Events :

16 June 2016: Intercultural Dinner "Unity in Diversity Dinner"
Imagine a large room, somewhere in the world, where many people of different faith traditions came together over fine food, music and relaxed conversation, and where everyone felt totally at home with each other!  Well that's exactly happened in the Manningham community this evening. See report HERE

23 March 2016:  Manningham Harmony Day Celebration

Photographs of this event have been published on the Photo Gallery page, Here

6 March 2016: RESPECT Event  6th March 2016 -   RESPECT event 'Connection through Sport (Soccer):

 Photographs of this year's successful event may be seen on the Photo Gallery page HERE  

(for photos of the 2015 Respect scoccer event  see Here

7 February 2016:  A brief report on the Harmonies and Songs of Faith Bus tour with photos has been published on the Photo Gallery  HERE

14 December 2015: Morning Tea Commemoration Marking UN Human Rights Day:

On December 14 marking International Human Rights day  several MIN members attend a community morning-tea event organised by the Baha'i Community of Manningham commemorating  the 7th anniversary of the imprisonment of the Baha'i Leaders in Iran, also known as the "Yaran" (Friends). A Keynote Address given by the Hon Kevin Andrews MP, Member for Menzies was followed vy various other speakers, and a fine painist. See report HERE

10 December 2015: A MIN BYO end-of-year get together was thoroughly enjoyed by members & families this evening. Multifaith events such as this assure warm friendship, camaraderie - and great international food. Outgoing President Barry Murphy was warmly thanked for his excellent work and presented a gift by incoming President Paola. Many thanks also to Dot for kindly hosting the event at her home.  See photos HERE 

22 November 2015:   Victorian Interfaith Networks Annual Conference 22 November  (Many Faiths One Community). Details HERE 

5 November 2015:  MIN Multifaith Bus Tour:  See photos HERE

20 September 2015:  MIN:  International Peace Day lunch (Ruffey Lake Park) Event report HERE 

21 Sept 2015:  UN International Peace Event, Ascot Vale "Understanding Creates Acceptance" Report HERE

NEWS (cont.)

Three Faith Communities come together at Tri-Faith Campus in Omaha  

Extracts from Elizabeth A Elliott, National Catholic Reporter, 24 February 2016

......They planned to relocate to West Omaha and contacted Dr. Syed Mohiuddin, president of the American Muslim Institute, whose group was also relocating. The conversation moved from sharing parking lots to wondering about a campus where three communities -- Temple Israel, along with Muslim and Christian houses of worship -- would share what is now known as the Tri-Faith campus.     Temple Israel, the American Muslim Institute and the Episcopal diocese of Nebraska purchased the land in December 2011. A founding partner, the Episcopal diocese transitioned the partnership to Countryside Community Church, a United Church of Christ congregation, in April 2015.................It's not just important to build the buildings for each faith community to remain in their buildings, secluded almost like a fortress," he said. "The idea is to create a space in between that will engage all of the faith communities into work, social justice projects, celebrations and holidays." .....(more)

Victoria's Multicultural Policy Statement Public Consultation, Wednesday 3 February 2016

Paola Cheng, Dot Haynes and and Amy Yuen represented MIN at the Victoria's Multicultural Policy Statement Public Consultation tonight. Robin Scott, MP Minister for Multicultural Affairs delivered the opening remarks.  The 'Embracing Our Cultural Diversity'  Victoria Multicultural Policy Statement marked the success of multiculturalism contributing to  the society.  Victoria's approach to multiculturalism is underpinned by policies and programs designed to :

  • Maximise the benefits of our cultural diversity
  • Build the capacity of cultural diverse communities
  • Promote social cohesion and community resilience
  • Ensure that our services and infrastructure respond to the changing culturally diversity of our state.

Strengthening regional capacity, promoting multi-faith activities can maximize the benefits of our diversity for all Victorians and building community capacity.'

Interfaith group wins award

Whitehorse Interfaith Network (WIN) has received a Power of Peace Award for its commitment to raising awareness of faiths and promoting peace. 

WIN received this award from the Centre of Melbourne Multi-faith & Others Network on the United Nation's International Peace Day on 21 September. Established in 2006, the Whitehorse Interfaith Network (WIN) consists of various faith groups working together to promote understanding, respect for each other's beliefs and living together in peace and goodwill.

Shown abobe back from left are, Bert, Whitehorse Mayor Cr Philip Daw and Harry with front from left, Ellen, Dilnaz, Carol and Harpreet. 

We congratulate MIN.   Amy, Bert, Dilnaz and Harpreet also generously volunteer at MIN.